Sunday, January 26, 2014

Medifast Pancakes: How to Avoid Making Flopjacks

This was me cooking Medifast pancakes
My first few attempts to make Medifast pancakes were more Marge Simpson than Martha Stewart. I ended up with a scrambled mess in my pan that tasted okay but looked nothing like the fluffy pancakes on the Medifast box.

After reading some Medifast blog posts and forums, I figured out that I was not letting my pan get hot enough before I poured the batter. Though they are still not perfect, my Medifast pancakes are now kissing cousins to traditional pancakes in both texture and appearance.
Now that's more like it!

Recently I found a lazy way to cook Medifast pancakes that not only works well, but is also less messy than the pan method. A video on TSFL coach Nataliejo's iHelpWeightLoss YouTube channel shows a way to microwave the pancake in the same container in which you mix the powder and water. Instead of using the Medifast shaker cup, she blends the powder and 1/2 cup cold water with a spoon in a four cup glass measuring cup and then microwaves the batter for about 1:20. In another video, she makes a "muffin" out of the pancake, cooking the batter in a smaller measuring cup in three 20-second increments.

Medifast pancakes have a decent flavor profile; so it is worth experimenting with different cooking methods to find one that gives you the best mouth feel. As with all Medifast foods, the official recipe on the packet is just a starting point and will not necessarily result in the best final product.

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