Monday, January 27, 2014

'Best' Excuses Not to Start Medifast

After losing 30 pounds in just over three months, people keep asking me for my secret. When I tell them I lost my weight through Medifast, they want to know more about it. Yet, despite my success, they almost always have a reason why Medifast will not work for them.
When you don't want to do something,
any excuse will do.

Excuse #1: I have to cook for other people

I was lucky that my kids were grown and my husband self-sufficient in the kitchen when I started Medifast. But even if that were not the case, I could have easily made family-friendly meals while staying OP myself. The Medifast lean & green meal can be easily supplemented with the family's favorite carbs, such as pasta or potatoes, and the MFer can fill the empty space on the plate with more veggies.

Excuse #2: The replacement meals are too expensive

Have you priced diabetes medication lately? Or knee replacement surgery? Carrying around extra pounds is costly, too. If you can lose weight by making healthier food choices, great. I tried that for five years until I finally answered Dr. Phil's question, "How's that working for you?" My honest answer: "Not too well."

Excuse #3: I don't want to eat processed food

That excuse makes sense for those people who eat really clean. But if you eat packaged food from the supermarket, chances are you're consuming high-fat, high-carb processed food with empty calories.  Sure, Medifast foods are processed, but the high-protein, high-fiber formula is designed to keep you full, nourished and satisfied. The promise of eating "real" food again was so motivating that it pushed me to reach the maintenance phase as quickly as possible.

Admittedly, Medifast is not the only diet on which a person can lose weight. It just happened to be the one that worked for me. I got tired of making excuses for my extra weight and found a plan that helped me shed my extra pounds quickly and easily.

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