Friday, September 19, 2014

Medifast Before and After Pictures: TSFL Health Coaches Success Photos

Do hamsters like pizza?
Does Medifast work? Do hamsters like pizza?

Medifast is one of the most easy and effective ways to lose weight for people who have anywhere from several hundred pounds of fat to melt to that last "vanity" 10.

What's more, with Medifast's Take Shape for Life Program, you get the services of a free health coach who can guide you every step of the way and motivate you to stay on plan. From my perspective, that is one of the key factors that separates Medifast from other replacement meal programs and makes it a superior choice compared to Nutrisystem, Wonder Slim and the like.

Since starting Medifast almost a year ago and maintaining my weight loss for the past six months, I have been awed and inspired by the success stories of the people I have met through the several Medifast Facebook groups to which I belong. Many of these social media buddies either were or have since become TSFL Health Coaches as a way to pay it forward to those just beginning their Medifast journey or who were doing the program solo and wanted to be more successful.

If you are looking for a TSFL Health Coach, you can't go wrong choosing one of these caring and knowledgeable people below. Take a look at their pictures before starting Medifast and after losing all or most of their extra pounds; then visit their TSFL Health Coach pages. Feel free to call or email any of them to learn more about their unique personality and coaching style.

Some like to be in touch every day; others, less often. Some are by the book; others allow some wiggle room. Some nag and nudge; others not so much.

You know what you need to succeed; so find the TSFL Health Coach who fits you best.

Leah (a.k.a. FitAndFab By40)

If you are feeling desperate, frustrated, beaten down, and don't believe that you can ever reach your goals...I can help. I know the exhaustion...the impatience…. I know the cries for help. I understand because I've been exactly where you are. Exactly.

Whether you need full accountability or just a shoulder to lean upon, I will help you navigate the path to your new healthy lifestyle. I'm here to help you break the cycle, get out of your rut, and see the light. Together, we can make it happen.

Stacie Scheet

I offer individual accountability and support in a straight forward manor. Not sure what to eat? Standing at the carb ledge and need a lifeline? Call or text me anytime. I understand the challenges first hand and can support you through the journey of optimal health.

Debbie Schussler Bodenhorn

57 pounds lighter
Maintained for two years

If I can do this so can you! I was a very picky eater and tried so many other plans, but this was the only program that, not only was I able to lose my weight on, but even more importantly, I have learned to keep it off for almost 2 years now and I feel wonderful! I want to help others on their journey to losing weight and getting healthy so they too can experience this amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride in knowing they took important steps to living a healthier life.

Mary DiPalma

348 weight loss maintained for more than five years
Now working on losing more

One day, one meal and one thought at a time will lead to long term success in obtaining optimal health and learning to live a healthier lifestyle! I am always available to all my clients via phone, text, e-mail, whatever is best for them and I work on giving you the tools you need to succeed in weight loss and maintenance.

Heidi Joanne Gore

This husband and wife team lost 48 pounds apiece in six months

I'm here to help you make healthy habits become a lasting part of your life as you invest in yourself: LEARN them, DO them, REVIEW them, CORRECT them and REPEAT them. This is the cycle of success I want to help you achieve to regain your optimal health one choice at a time to lose it for good.

Karen Pfau Lane

Jennifer Lauren

  56 pounds shed
Maintained for two years

One meal at a time, one day at a time! This is YOUR time and you are SO worth it! I'm here 24/7 for my clients for anything they need. After all -- I've been through it!

Barbi Brown

54 pounds missing; search party called off

My coaching style is 'Perfectly Imperfect all the way to goal; knowing none of us are perfect but linking enough of Perfectly on plan days together and striving for that we will be successful at gaining optimal health and losing weight. I strive to be the type of coach each client needs me to be to achieve their goals. Everyone needs something different.

Jeanette Camacho-de Moulpied

Chrystal Bernard

Dropped 115 pounds since December 2013

Nancy Gentile Strauss

Lost 54 pounds in five months
Dropped six clothing sizes

I didn't fit on a roller coaster 2 1/2 yrs ago... and that was my AHA moment after years and years of searching for the magic pill. I fell in love with TSFL and started coaching right away! I personally lost 54 lbs in 5 months (results not typical). From a size 20 down to an 8/10 from April to August! What a life changer... and to help others with something that I've always struggled with myself? PRICELESS!

Lori Smith

Are you ready to start the New Year on a plan to change your life? Not just another diet, Medifast can change your life. If you are ready and need a health coach who has lost 100 pounds and gained a ton of energy and self esteem to boot, please contact me. I'll help you as little or as much as you want. I've been where you are now.

Ashley Chanel Gonzales

In October of 2013, I started Take Shape for Life, a weight loss program fueled by Medifast. As of today I have lost over 100 pounds. My husband John started the program and has lost 20 pounds. Together we are living a healthy lifestyle. Now we are helping others, by providing coaching services through the Take Shape for Life (TSFL) program. Do you want motivation, support or information to obtain your optimal health? We would love to help you! Contact us today.

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