Saturday, December 14, 2013

Medifast Ziti Marinara: Review

My ziti marinara looked nothing like this.
How did they get their ziti to blow up so big?
First the bad news: If you’re jonesing for pasta on Medifast, the new ziti marinara may not satisfy your craving.

It is a great replacement meal, however – especially for lunch.

Unlike some of the Medifast hearty meals, the ziti marinara does not have to be soaked for hours to be palatable. I usually soak it for 15-30 minutes prior to microwaving, and the texture is just fine.

So if it’s not pastalicious, why bother?

Even though it bears little resemblance to the Italian entrée of the same name, the Medifast ziti marinara tastes good and is very filling – my two main requirements for a go-to Medifast meal. It’s a nice change of pace from the other Medifast Hearty Meal comfort food like the mac & cheese, and I actually prefer it to the chili and sloppy joes.

As with the other Medifast “meat” meals, the ziti marinara has some kind of texturized vegetable protein which provides the mouth feel of meat without the fat, calories and moral dilemma of adding to the planet's methane gas problem.

If you want to try it, Medifast allows you to order a one-packet sample, but you can’t go wrong ordering a whole box.

How to Improve Medifast Ziti Marinara

Medifast's newest replacement meal is perfectly palatable on its own but you can add canned tomatoes, sautéed spinach or even light Laughing Cow cheese if you want to make it more mangia-licious. Just make sure you deduct accordingly from your daily Lean & Green allotment.

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As for Medifast’s claim, “Ziti Marinara combines the zesty flavor of long-simmered tomatoes and fresh basil with the fulfilling chew of al dente pasta,” well… that may be going a tad far.

But if you’re looking for another tasty replacement meal to add to your rotation and don’t have expectations it will taste just like the Olive Garden’s, the Medifast ziti marinara makes for a great lunch option and is a positive add to the product line.

And since we’re going international, maybe a curry meal will be next! Are you listening, Medifast?

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