Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why Fat Head Pizza Is the Holy Grail of Low Carb Pizzas

My first attempt at Fat Head Pizza,
henceforth to be known in my house
as Fat Cooky Head Pizza
This #LCHF pizza crust has great taste and texture. And it doesn't require squeezing water out of cauliflower!

I usually work nights so making dinner is a relatively rare event for me. Which explains why my husband raves about pretty much anything I cook. Still, I can pretty much tell when he is giving me an encouragement trophy or thinks I really scored.

Fat Head Pizza was the real deal.

This low carb pizza recipe with an almond flour, mozarella cheese, cream cheese and egg crust is all over the keto blogs; so it's hard to know where it originated. It's called Fat Head Pizza because Tom Naughton's brother sampled the recipe and posted about it on the Fat Head Movie blog.

But if you read the blog post, the brother's son actually tweaked the recipe from the Cooky's Creations blog; and since I can't source an earlier version, I will credit Cooky as the creator unless I am corrected.

Pizza dough after being rolled out
between two sheets of
parchment paper
No matter who came up with this genius pizza crust concept, many LCHFers now call it the "Holy Grail" of low carb pizzas. Even most of the ketons on Reddit talk about ditching cauliflower and other faux pizza crusts for Fat Head.

Though cauliflower is arguable a tad healthier, it is a ton more work and some non-believers consider cauliflower's, um, fragrance off-putting. As in, my husband leaves the room house when I cook with it.

If you decide to try this low carb Fat Cooky Head Pizza (which sounds like something a first grader might call the class bully "Go away you fat cooky head pizza!"), be forewarned that it is very filling. A slice or two is all you will need to feel satisfied.

I made my first pizza with pepperoni, olives and baby bella mushrooms, which I sauteed in olive oil first since the toppings bake for only five minutes on the pre-baked crust -- just long enough for the cheese to become gooey.  I also used the lowest sugar pizza sauce I could find, but next time I might just use sliced tomatoes to lower the carbs even more.

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Here is a link to the recipe I used from Cooky's Creations.

I also watched this very helpful You Tube video from Elizabeth Nimphius to visualize the process.

And here is the blog post from Fat Head, along with the Reddit thread.

Mangia! And do let me know what you think.