Friday, January 17, 2014

Is Medifast Enabling My Sweet Tooth?

The biggest fear most dieters have is going back to their old habits after they reach their goal weight. Since Medifast is not a rest-of-your-life diet like Weight Watchers -- unless you want to keep buying their replacement meals forever -- I have wondered what it will be like when I don't have my brownies, chocolate shakes and chocolate chip soft bakes to replace higher-calorie similars when I wean myself off the food.

Medifast did not cure my sweet tooth,
but I'm okay with that
One of the reasons Medifast worked so well for me is that when I've been tempted to eat a cookie or other sweet treats, I was able to pass them up since I could satisfy my sweet tooth with a Medifast replacement meal. But what will happen when I no longer have this crutch?

One possibility is that I will continue to use Medifast replacement meals as snacks. I love having the brownie batter at the end of the day, and chocolate chip chewy bars are my perfect mindless munchy for working at the computer. Since I will no longer be in weight loss mode, I may also identify supermarket substitutes like Cliff bars that I find just as appealing.

I also hope that my renewed love affair with fruit will help me satisfy my sweet tooth with blueberries, apples, tangerines, peaches and other natural sweets that are loaded with nutrients instead of empty calories.

Everyone knows a sliver of cake
has zero calories
Will I occasionally indulge in bakery treats or birthday cake? Most likely. But since I will be in maintenance vs. weight loss mode, I can afford to indulge in moderation. That means one cookie, not two. A sliver of cake. A handful of almonds drizzled with melted dark chocolate for a healthy home made "candy bar."

Medifast did not cure my sweet tooth, and I'm not sure that I wanted it to. But it has channeled it into healthier options and limited the amount I need to feel satisfied.

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