Friday, January 24, 2014

Flipping Out Over Flatout Light Flatbread

After four months on Medifast, I really missed my carbs -- especially bread. In a recent post, I pondered whether I would ever eat bread again, attributing much of my 30-pound weight gain to the empty white calories that pillow-cased my sandwiches.

Fortunately, I have found a possible solution to this problem -- Flatout Light Flatbread.
Flatout Light Flatbread could be the best thing since sliced bread
While passing the sandwich section at Safeway last night, my eyes were drawn to a package of this flatbread. It's label proclaimed, "90 Calories, 43% Fewer Calories than 2 slices of wheat bread, High Fiber, 9g Protein, 74% Fewer Net Carbs than 2 slices of wheat bread." That sounded pretty Medifast maintenancy to me.

I ordered a turkey wrap with avocado and loaded it up with veggies. Admittedly, the flatbread had that distinct healthfoody grainy flavor, but it tasted like heaven to me. After weaning off the whites, I might even have enjoyed bread that tasted like cardboard, but this low-calorie, low-carb alternative was several cuts above.

Salad with grilled goat cheese "croutons"
The Flatout website has oodles of recipes, but I don't think I'll need too much help dreaming up my own sandwich fixings. I'll also experiment with all four varieties -- Original, Italian Herb, Sundried Tomato and Garden Spinach -- to see which I like best. I may even try making pizza out of them. Or try the "crouton" concept on the website, grilling olive oil caressed wedges with goat cheese and serving with soup or salad.

Part of the fun of Medifast has been trying new foods and replacing old favorites with new ones. I have a feeling Flatout Light Flatbread and I will enjoy a long and happy relationship.

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