Monday, January 13, 2014

Medifast Vs. Weight Watchers: Why I Chose Medifast

It's January and everyone is choosing sides. And I'm not talking football teams.

January may as well be called Joinuary because everyone and their Aunt Milly is signing up for some kind of weight loss program or gym. The holiday feasting is over and now it's time to figure out how to fit into all those clothes in the closet whose zippers won't zip.
When your zipper won't zip, find a diet
that feels like an adventure.
Fortunately for me, I faced this problem last fall when I couldn't find a dress that fit for a job interview. I began doing Medifast at the end of September and successfully melted off 30 pounds in three months.

Having tried almost every diet known to woman -- and losing weight with most of them -- I could have returned to what worked for me in the past. But I didn't want to go backwards.

Part of the fun of a diet for me (if one can use diet and fun in the same sentence) is trying something new and different so it feels more like an adventure than a stint at rehab.

I knew Weight Watchers was a good program, but I had "been there, done that." I didn't feel like going to weekly meetings and weighing in -- and counting points seemed like a big headache.

After hearing some success stories from the media and friends, I opted for Medifast instead and was amazed by how quickly my extra pounds disappeared without me feeling hungry, dizzy or deprived. Like an anthropologist learning about a new culture, I loved having something new to research, digging into all the blogs, forums and recipe sites that explored ways to make the Medifast diet work better for me.

Sure Weight Watchers works. So does the Dash Diet; the Mediterranean Diet; South Beach; Dr. Oz's diet du jour; and the old "eat less, move more."

Anything works if you can remain compliant long enough for the formula to do its magic.

But this time around I chose Medifast because it was new and different for me. The novelty factor made the diet fun, and the quick results made it easy for me to lose all my weight before the newness wore off.

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