Monday, January 6, 2014

Medifast Centers Vs. Buying Medifast Online

It used to be the only way you could follow the Medifast weight loss program was to join a fancy schmancy center and spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on coaching sessions, blood and body composition tests, and other personalized services.
Medifast Centers remind me too much
of going to a doctor's office

That didn't even include the cost of the food!

Many people still shy away from Medifast because they think it is too expensive, not realizing you can now do Medifast without joining a center. I was surprised when I did some research on Medifast last fall that you no longer have to sign up with a brick and mortar Medifast center to purchase the replacement meals. You can buy the food online via the Medifast website or through a free Take Shape For Life (TSFL) coach, the latter of which is the least costly method. The coaches earn money by getting a percentage of the profit on the replacement meals sold via their co-branded websites.

Everything you need to know about Medifast is included on its official website, along with information-packed forums that offer all the tips, tricks and support you could ever need. I started out buying directly from Medifast before availing myself of a Take Shape for Life Coach from whom I now order my replacement meals. We talk on the phone sporadically, although she is available to me at all times via phone or email. I just don't need that much support since the diet is so easy to follow even a goldfish could figure it out.

Aside from the official Medifast website, a quick Google search turns up myriad independent blogs with great recipes and other helpful information. Two of my favorites are Sandy's Kitchen Adventures and the 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community.

If you have money to burn and prefer to have a place to go, get weighed in, and talk to a person face to face, joining a center may be the right choice for you.

Me? I'd rather save my dinero to buy new clothes for my 30-pounds lighter body.

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