Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Medifast Dilemma: Diet Saboteurs or Distorted Body Image?

Do my eyes deceive me when I look in the mirror?
After losing more than 25 pounds on Medifast, some people have started saying, “You’re getting too skinny.”

Who? Me?

I am now only about five pounds away from what I consider my ideal weight, the same weight I was through most of my adult life. I’ve gone from a tight-fitting size 12 (and sometimes reluctant 14) to a comfortable size 10, and after shedding those last few pounds I’ll feel just right.

Still, the naysayers make me question what my ideal body weight should be.

Is it possible I’m still viewing myself as the former fat version of me when I look in the mirror?

Or does the “you’re-getting-too-skinny” crowd, which has started pushing food at me, secretly prefer I stay pleasantly plump so they can feel better about their own extra weight?

"Just one little cookie won't hurt, dear."

At this point, I feel pretty confident that I perceive my body objectively, but I need to be careful not to move past my healthy set point.

There is a part of me that worries when I migrate from the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan to the Medifast transition and maintenance programs all my fat will instantly reappear overnight. On those few occasions I have strayed from the diet, I half expected my pants to be too tight to zip up the next day.

Yet based on the history other Medifast dieters have had staying fit and trim long after losing their weight with Medifast, I remain hopeful I’ll be among the many Medifast success stories. For now, I choose to receive the contrary comments as compliments and to have faith I can stay the course without going overboard.

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