Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Make Medifast Food Taste Better

Three secrets to improving the flavor and texture of Medifast replacement meals

When I first started Medifast, I had trouble cooking the food according to package directions. My chili and pasta tasted like they had pebbles in them when I cooked them as instructed.

Then I found out the secret that Medifast doesn’t reveal: You have to soak them for at least a half hour before cooking them. This trick not only saved my teeth, it also made my meals taste much better.

Laughing Cow cheese makes me smile
Meanwhile the soft bakes – both the chocolate chip cookie dough and brownies – tasted just meh to me when I baked them as directed. Then I experimented with the cooking times and learned they both taste great uncooked, formed into little balls and frozen for a short while. The brownies also taste great as plain batter, and the cookie dough is to die for when cooked for just 30 seconds. It is now my favorite breakfast, hands down. Don’t laugh, but just the thought of it is enough to get me out of bed!

As for my third secret, it’s a product found at just about every grocery store – Light Laughing Cow cheese. I melt a wedge into one of the Medifast Hearty Meals, like the new ziti marinara and such old favorites as mac & cheese, chili and sloppy joes. VoilĂ  – the off flavor is masked and the texture, much creamier.

I didn’t invent these secrets, but rather found them on various blogs and in the official Medifast forums. Still, not everyone is a webaholic like I am; so if you haven’t discovered these tricks yet, I urge you to try them. And if you have a secret to share with me, please let me know in the comments section below.

You can purchase Medifast replacement meals directly from Medifast Centers, the Medifast website or -- for no extra cost -- through the co-branded website of a Medifast TSFL health coach. Medifast does not recommend purchasing its products from third party vendors, but if you choose to do so, you can find them on both Amazon and eBay.

Medifast replacement meals on Amazon

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