Sunday, December 8, 2013

What Do You Eat on Medifast?

It's been over two months now since I started Medifast, and I am down 22 pounds. It has been the easiest fat melt ever for me since I get to eat every few hours and am rarely, if ever, hungry.

Unlike diets where the "d" stands for deprivation, on Medifast I get to eat frequent high protein, high fiber meals that leave me feeling full and satisfied. It's easy to pass on the cookies and bagels in the break room at work when I know I can have a cookie dough chewy bar or bag of chili cheese puffs for my next "meal."

Here's what I eat on my typical day:

Breakfast: Cookie dough soft bake cooked for only 30 seconds in the microwave

Late morning lunch: Medifast macaroni and cheese, sloppy joes, chicken soup or the new ziti marinara
A diet that lets you eat mac & cheese? I'm there!

Mid afternoon snack: Chili cheese puffs

Lean & green dinner: Salad with grilled chicken or two Boca burgers with salad or cooked spinach

Early evening snack: Chocolate peanut butter or cookie dough chewy bar

Late evening snack: Brownie soft bake batter

On some days I've had a milk shake, pancake, oatmeal or other Medifast replacement meal in place of one of the above, but this is my typical day of meals at the moment. What I love about Medifast is that some foods which did not appeal to me at one time now taste pretty good and when I get tired of one food there is another meal option to take its place.

Dining out has been relatively easy, too. I ask for a veggie to replace the carb. For instance, last night we ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory for my husband's birthday and I subbed broccoli for the pasta to accompany my baked chicken.

Having tried Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and other replacement meal diets in the past, I can't explain why Medifast is easier for me to follow. The simplicity of the Medifast program and satiety factor of  the replacement meals have made my weight loss seem almost magical, making Medifast the closest thing to the perfect diet I have ever found.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can lose weight safely and more rapidly with the Medifast 5&1 plan, please visit my
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  1. Hey Nancy! I totally agree. Medifast seems like magic, it's so easy. What luck to find something like this! We keep eating, and we keep losing weight! Like you, I can see myself buying chocolate mint bars far into the future. We make 120-calorie frappacinos. We eat 120-calorie candy bars. We learn how to use carbs in small quantities so we can keep the weight off. We don't crave sweets or carbs because we feel like we're eating them all the time (which we are.)