Monday, December 1, 2014

Why Selling Girl Scout Cookies Online Is a Major Fail

I can picture telling my hypothetical grandchildren one day that when I was a little girl I actually had to walk around my neighborhood to sell Girl Scout cookies.

"You mean you had to leave your house and get all sweaty?" they'll ask incredulously, rolling on the floor and giggling hysterically at this quaint Flinstonesque practice.

In case you haven't heard, the Girl Scouts of America has finally joined the digital age and is allowing its members to set up co-branded websites to market their sugar bombs cookies.

I'm a relic, obviously, but  I never even liked the idea of parents passing around Girl Scout cookie forms at work in lieu of the girls ringing the neighbors' doorbells like little Avon ladies. At least the kids got some exercise walking from house to house.

I'm not even keen on young Girl Scouts selling cookies to begin with when the obesity rate for children has doubled in the past 30 years and junior high school students are now being diagnosed with adult onset diabetes for the first time in history. 
"Type 2 diabetes isn't just for adults anymore. The number of children and adolescents with the condition (most of whom are diagnosed in their early teens) has skyrocketed within the last 20 years, prompting the journal Diabetes Care to call it an 'emerging epidemic.' While type 1 diabetes is still more prevalent among children nationwide, experts estimate that type 2 diabetes has grown from less than 5 percent in 1994 to about 20 percent of all newly diagnosed cases of the disease among youth in more recent years." -- Chris Woolston, M.S., in HealthDay
In my ideal world, the Girl Scouts would be selling almond butter or Trader Joe's coupon books to raise money for their crafting supplies and camping trips. Which I know sounds pretty Michelle Obama-ish -- or worse, Communist -- especially since big pharma could lose all that potential market for their Metformin and Mevacor.

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