Monday, December 15, 2014

Why I Want to Be a Low Carb Grandma

Making Sweet Memories That Do Not Involve Sugar

My TSFL health coach friend Stacie posted a link to an article on Facebook today about uncoupling food and feelings. It is a great article (which you can read here), but what struck me the most was the story about the grown woman who soothed herself with milkshakes after a rotten day at work because it reminded her of special outings with her grandma when she was a little girl.
"As I sit here in my car slumped down in the driver’s seat sipping on my milkshake, I wonder why. Why am I ashamed and hiding in my car with a milkshake and why did I get it in the first place? Grandma has been dead for over 20 years now."
Not only will I not bake cookies with my grandchildren,
I will refuse to wear tops that look like kitchen curtains
With two married daughters, it is only a matter of time before I become a grandma myself and create special memories with my grandchildren. And I am hoping that bonding over Ben & Jerry's is not among them and that she doesn't prefer the other grandma who lures her with cookies and candy.

If my grandchildren associate me with any comfort foods, I want those foods to be low carb. Like salads with grilled chicken, pomegranate seeds and walnuts. Or cheesy lasagne with zoodles instead of pasta. Or smoothies with real cocoa, almond butter, frozen banana and cashew milk . . . and maybe a little kale thrown in for good measure.

When my hypothetical grandchildren grow up and have a fight with their boss, I don't want them to stop at an ice cream shop on the way home from work. I want them to make a salad, take a walk through the woods or watch an indie film.

I want them to find comfort in childhood memories that do not involve carbs.

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