Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Into Each Life Some Bread Pudding Will Fall

Someone posted a marvelous story in one of my Medifast Facebook groups today about visiting her family for Christmas and being tempted with high-carb goodies. I was so impressed by her message, I wanted to share a couple of highlights. Names have been changed to protect the slender.
"Christmas with family is a huge emotional pull. They made Mom's recipe bread pudding in my honor! My nephew made a big production of slathering cheese on a Ritz just for Aunt Betty. We roasted marshmallows, and the 'best' one was for me. Of course I ate."
When she arrived home from her trip, "Betty" trepidatiously hopped on the scale and found out she had lost 1.5 pounds.

Her conclusion:
"Into each life some bread pudding will fall. With Walt's homemade whipped cream."
The point is, you are always going to be tempted to "cheat" -- whether you are still actively on the Medifast 5&1 Plan or on your own customized maintenance diet. You may need to be rigid if you are so addicted to certain foods that one bite will induce a foodaholic binge. Or if it will mean getting kicked out of ketosis and having to spend a few days getting back into fat burning mode.

But it's also possible you can indulge in some old favorites, knowing you will get back on the horse as soon as the familyvisit/vacation/holidaypartyseason or whatever is over.

It's what you do most of the time that counts. And for people who are actively doing Medifast or maintaining their ideal weight, that means eating more protein, vegetables and fat and very few empty carbs.

I've been reading countless Facebook posts these past few weeks about family visits, holiday parties and office potlucks that put people to the test. Are they really serious about losing or maintaining their weight? Or will one little breeze topple them over?

Barbi Brown, one of my favorite Take Shape for Life health coaches, tells her clients it's okay to be "Perfectly imperfect." If you set yourself up to be 100% perfect, you may be devastated when you succumb to temptation and use that as an excuse to keep eating and drinking to excess.

Just knowing that "into each life some bread pudding will fall" means you get to decide if you want to eat a huge slab or tiny sliver -- or munch on a Medifast bar instead. And if or when you decide to indulge, you're not a total loser or a bad person.

Because it's what you do most days that matters.

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