Saturday, January 24, 2015

Women Who Pin Too Much: Confessions of a Low Carb Recipe Collector

If you were to check out my low carb recipe Pinterest board, you might think I eat really well. And I do.

But not necessarily the dishes you see in the mouthwatering Pinterest photos I've carefully curated from my favorite low carb blogs on the Interwebs.
So, this never happened to me either.

Like many pinners, my low carb recipe Pinterest board is a collection of fantasy recipes I hope to try in that illusive world of the future I fondly call oneofthesedays.

As in oneofthesedays I will make that amazing looking beef and mushroom cauliflower risotto recipe from

What I have found, however, is that even though I do not specifically make the recipes I have pinned, the mere act of reading the recipes has given me a whole new context for cooking. Over time, I have incorporated which combinations of foods work best together and which cooking methods bring out the best flavors and textures.

Since I work most nights of the week, I do not prepare traditional dinners very often. And when I do, I typically open the refrigerator and work with whatever ingredients are available.

Oneofthesedays I am going to make this
mushroom asiago chicken recipe from my
low carb recipes Pinterest board
Last weekend, for instance, I created an incredible pasta-less lasagne using zucchini for the noodles and adding some naturally cured chopped bacon to the grass fed ground beef for flavor. I knew from reading so many recipes that slicing the zucchini on the diagonal and roasting it with some olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper would give my noodles the best flavor and texture. I also had some leftover roasted sliced Brussels sprouts and mushrooms in the refrigerator, which I threw in with the beef/bacon mixture for good measure -- intuiting from my copious recipe reading these veggies would compliment the other ingredients and increase the HQ (health quotient) of the meal.

And, yes, there was also cheese involved.

Whereas once upon a time I may have collected recipes for brownies, twice baked potatoes or other high carby foods which I now mostly avoid, the recipes that catch my eye these days are for meals and snacks that enhance my health and help me maintain my ideal weight. The mere act of pinning these recipes becomes an affirmation, "This is how I eat now."

Yet despite the fact it may have intangible benefits and is a totally harmless habit, I still can't help but laugh at myself a little each time I pin a new recipe.

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