Thursday, May 15, 2014

Women's Magazines, Diets and Mixed Messages

I'm not a conspiracy theorist... usually. I really do think we landed a man on the moon back in 1969, and I do not own a tin foil hat.

But when it comes to women's magazines, I'm pretty sure there is a conspiracy to keep women on the wrong side of crazy.

The red half of the pie chart says "Accept yourself -- you're beautiful just the way you are."
The orange half says, "How to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks."
These are the same magazines, mind you, that often promote the diet du jour on their cover next to a picture of a triple chocolate cake you'll die for (if not from).

Without even opening the magazine,
I'm guessing the cake is not part of the
"Drop 10 Pounds Fast" plan
Now I'm all about self-acceptance. I have practiced EFT professionally, and one of its key tenets is to accept yourself. That is the starting point for all growth and change.

But there is a difference between acceptance and complacency. As humans, we have the power to change the things we can, and one of those things is our body composition. A high fat-to-muscle ratio often correlates with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other health problems.

But women's magazines rarely deliver this message. The usual article mix includes a trendy new diet plan, a fawning (and mostly fictional) celebrity profile and recipes for fattening desserts -- presumably to comfort you after you read about the celebrity.

There is nothing emotionally healthy about this mixed message casserole. The best way to feel better about yourself is to stop reading crazy-making magazines and nourish your soul with a good novel or movie instead.
Now here's a woman's magazine I might actually buy!
Courtesy of PsychCentral

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