Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Handle #FirstWorldHungry

Louis C.K. did a great bit on "Saturday Night Live" in March explaining the difference between hungry and first world hungry.

"I'm hungry, I'm a little hungry. I mean, I should say, 'I feel hungry,'" he said in his opening monologue.

"Hunger is a real thing. I don’t have Third World hunger, I have First World hunger. I would like a doughnut."

The star of "Louie" did not stop at the predictable laugh line. He said it was "offensive" for people to whine "I'm starving" if they have eaten within the past day.

"Don’t say that because some people are starving, and they don’t say it. You never see a little kid in Africa with his ribs showing and he’s like, 'I am starving right now. I’m, like, literally starving to death. It’s, like, annoying.'"

As with most good comedy, the humor was laced with wisdom. Most people who like to eat say they are hungry when they really just want the pleasure of consuming food. Their stomachs are not rumbling, and they are not about to faint from lack of fuel.

I plead guilty to saying "I'm hungry" when I really just want to eat.

A diet blog post I read awhile back addressed this issue in a very interesting way. The next time you want to eat something, even though your body does not require calories to function, say, "I'm not hungry. I just want to eat this doughnut/pizza/whatever." You may still eat the whatever, but you will be candid about your motive. The blogger hypothesized that over time you will break the habit of eating when you are not really hungry -- or just #firstworldhungry.

Interestingly, Louis C.K. was not the first to riff on first world hunger. Michelle O'Mirth ‏@gobsmackd tweeted in April 2012, "You know a meeting has lasted too long when you reference the Donner Party & lament your lack of provisions. #3HourTour #FirstWorldHungry"

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