Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ode to OPA Salad Dressing: Good Food Review in Bad Verse

Ode to OPA Salad Dressing

For many years I've searched to find
A salad dressing that would blow my mind
It had to be thick; creamy too,
And come in my favorite variety, blue

Cheese (that is)

Then Lighthouse introduced its OPA line
Of salad dressings so sublime
Not only do they taste home made
They're low in calories that aid

Weight gain (that is)

Greek-styled yogurt is the secret ingredient
Full of protein and so expedient
Just two tablespoons out of the jar
Only 60 calories and no sugar*

The evil white powder (that is)

So if you're looking for a salad dressing
That with your diet won't be messing
You'll find the OPA jars in the lettuce aisle
And henceforth eat salads with a smile

*rhymes with cigar

OPA salad dressing comes in four varieties: Caesar, Ranch, Feta Dill and Blue Cheese. So far I have tried the blue cheese and ranch and love them both. They are perfect guilt-free toppers for any salad and will forever have a home in my refrigerator.

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