Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weight Loss Secrets I Learned from My Cats

There's a reason cat videos are so popular on the Internet. Feline behavior is not only funny, it's fascinating. It is also educational.

While observing my cats, I have learned some interesting things about their lifestyle that I have incorporated into my own weight loss strategy.
My cats get plenty of sleep
(Left to right: Colombo, Chris and Gucci)

Cats do not go to the gym

None of my three cats would be caught dead jogging on a treadmill or wearing Spandex. When they're outside climbing trees or exploring the neighborhood, they do not perceive what they're doing as exercise. They're active because they enjoy moving their sleek bodies and testing their athletic prowess. My cats have taught me that exercise should be enjoyable, not just another item to check off on the to-do list.

Cats eat as much as they want to 

My cats enjoy eating as much as the next guy, but they do not clean their bowls at a single feeding. We always keep food out for our cats. They're confident their bowls will be replenished so they do not feel the need to eat every last kibble. My cats eat as much as feels good and move on with their day, leaving food left over in their dish. They have taught me that just because food is on my plate, I do not need to finish it.

Cats get plenty of sleep 

Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain by affecting hormone levels. Sleep deprivation causes the body to produce less leptin, which suppresses hunger, and more ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. My cats sleep about 15 hours a day and seem to have their appetites well under control 

Cats do not care if they please others

I have frequently offered my cats treats which they refuse to eat. They do not seem to care that it would make me happy if they ate the cute little cat snack I picked up from the supermarket. They'll take a sniff and, if it does not appeal to them, scamper away. I have never been able to guilt my cats into eating something. So why should I eat somebody's cupcake or cookie just because they offer it to me? A simple "no thank you" has saved me a lot of unnecessary just-to-be-nice calories.

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  1. That is a great observation! It’s funny how we take our pets for granted sometimes, but when we pay attention, they can teach us lots of things. Actually, people used to be like cats. Our ancestors toiled for food, ate simply and naturally, and moved around a lot, so they were much healthier compared to us. Along the way, we made it much easier to consume food, added unnatural ingredients, and occupied ourselves with activities, such as watching TV and spending too much time in front of the computer. That made us become lazy to exercise, so we grew obese.

    Robert DeVito