Sunday, February 16, 2014

Will You Regain Your Weight After Medifast Diet?

Before starting Medifast, someone warned me I would gain all my weight back -- and then some.

So far that has not happened.

Aside from losing weight far more easily than I'd experienced with any other diet (and I've tried my share), Medifast taught me some great habits that are sticking with me instead of my former pounds of fat.

One of the main changes I made after starting Medifast was just saying "no." No to the boutique cupcakes passed around at meetings. No to the chocolate dipped butter cookies in the break room. No to the home-made fudge that arrived in the mail at Christmas.
Since losing weight with Medifast, it's easy to just say no to "free" food

I simply told myself each time that if I had really wanted one of these tempting treats, I could have stopped at the store and bought something similar. The fact they were "free" was only true from a financial perspective. Eating those foods would cost me pounds -- and we're not talking British currency.

Another new habit I developed was drinking more water. My Medifast TSFL coach encouraged me to drink half my body weight in ounces. Not only does water flush out fat, it keeps me hydrated so I don't mistake my thirst for hunger.

I am also eating far more frequently since doing Medifast. Just knowing I have another meal or snack around the corner helps me avoid the "Last Supper" mindset. Eating small low-calorie portion-controlled meals not only keeps my metabolism revved up, but also controls my reflex to consume as much as possible when I do eat.
Bad habits are hard to break
if you don't replace them with better ones.

The proof will be in the metaphorical pudding, however. Until many more months and years go by, I cannot claim that my body weight will remain in the healthy range forever. But one thing I have learned from my Take Shape for Life (TSFL) coach is that Medifast is far more than a quick-fix diet. She has maintained her 100-pound weight loss for more than five years by developing powerful habits of health that have the potential to last a lifetime.

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