Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is the Perceived High Cost of Medifast Part of Its Magic?

After losing 35 pounds in less than four months on the Medifast Take Shape for Life program, I have heard some people say Medifast food is too expensive for them.

If one is subsisting on minimum wage or smothered in debt, that excuse makes some sense. But for anyone with disposable income -- who goes to the movies, takes vacations or gets regular manicures -- the cost of Medifast should be viewed as a plus, not a minus.

Here's why:

Part of why Medifast works so well is the program puts you in a mild state of ketosis that promotes fat burning. It can take up to three days to get into this state -- and a slice of lemon meringue pie or frosty margarita can boot you right back to day one. I liken this deterrent to Antabuse for alcoholics.
The cost of Medifast replacement meals
could be one of the reasons why
the program works so well.

During my weight loss phase of the Medifast 5&1 program, I thought long and hard before eating anything that was off the plan. Was that moment of pleasure from that freshly baked chocolate chip cookie really going to be worth not only stalling my weight loss, but also wasting the money I had spent on my Medifast replacement meals?

The way I figured it, my Medifast cost was a short-term expense, and the longer I prolonged my weight-loss phase, the more it would cost me. I had a financial incentive not to cheat.

That, coupled with my desire to see the needle move on my scale the next morning, was powerful motivation for me to "just say no" to whatever was tempting me.

For me, the slight extra cost of Medifast was part of the magic formula of why the plan helped me lose 30 pounds in just over three months. As an added plus, I developed the psychological muscle to continue resisting most temptations and am successfully maintaining my weight loss.

You can purchase Medifast replacement meals directly from Medifast Centers, the Medifast website or -- for no extra cost -- through the co-branded website of a Medifast TSFL health coach. Medifast does not recommend purchasing its products from third party vendors, but if you choose to do so, you can find them on both Amazon and eBay.

Medifast replacement meals on Amazon

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