Monday, February 10, 2014

FBCx on Dr. Oz: Is FBCx a 'Get Out of Jail Free' Card for Consuming Too Much Fat?

"Every time you cheat on your diet, I want you to grab one of these itty-bitty pills. This tiny tablet can push a lot of bad fat out of your body." -- Dr. Oz

Lunching at our favorite Chinese restaurant yesterday, my younger daughter dissed Dr. Oz. "If his weight loss tricks really worked," she asked, "why is more than half of his audience overweight?"

Good question, I thought, still pondering one of the good doctor's latest recommendations. While exercising in front of the TV that morning I was riveted by a segment in which a 50 pound girl simulated a new weight loss ingredient called FBCx by pushing a 400 pound sumo wrestler.
FBCx is one of Dr. Oz's many solutions
for ridding the body of fat

Oz was illustrating the power of a magical fiber product that binds with fat, claiming it can push out nine times its weight in fat from food. The FBCx coats the fat in metaphorical bubble wrap so it can't get broken down by digestion. The protected fat glob gets eliminated by the body instead of making your jean's tight.
Since I am at a healthy body weight and attempting to eat as clean as possible, I don't see a need to make FBCx a daily habit. But what if I used it after a splurge meal -- like spaghetti with mizithra sauce or a filet mignon? FBCx would theoretically eliminate some of the saturated fat consumed while leaving enough fat behind to bind with fat soluble vitamins.

John Oliver rakes Dr. Oz over the coals on his new HBO TV show "Last Week Tonight" (See video)
Is Dr Oz a wizard or charlatan?

I found a product for sale at Amazon for a reasonable price and just may buy it as an occasional "get out of jail free" card. The downside would be allowing more splurge meals into my diet and using Calorease as a crutch to make every day a feast day.

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