Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two Magic Words That Could Change Your Life

If you were to listen to the tape loop that plays in a woman's heads, you might hear something like this:

I'm too fat.

I hate to exercise.

My nose is too big.

Or some other variation of negative self talk.

For some reason, it is easier to talk trash about ourselves than celebrate our finer qualities. Which could partly explain why there are so many self acceptance memes floating around the Internet.

Like this one...

And this one...

Sure, these "you are special" memes help for a moment, but five minutes later we are back to telling ourselves our fingers are too short or our ears are too big. Or that we can't control ourselves around doughnuts.

And that's where the two magic words come in.

"Even though..."

All you do is place the words "Even though" in front of a negative statement, and you turn a negative into a positive.

For instance:

Even though I'm too fat, I am discovering healthy new foods that I enjoy eating.

Even though my nose is too big, I have a rare type of beauty.

Even though I hate to exercise, it feels great walking around the block listening to music.

Even though I'm a slob, I love myself anyway.

Even though I can't control myself around doughnuts, today I chose to eat a protein bar instead.

And so on.

This may seem simple, but so is drinking water to quench thirst. The most complicated solution is not always the best.

The point is, we cannot let negative self talk go unchallenged like some kind of schoolyard bully. By placing the words "even though" in front of our most persistent negative messages and finishing each statement with something positive, we empower ourselves to think kinder, more helpful thoughts and make healthier new choices that will lead to permanent habit change.

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