Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Labs After Medifast: No Longer Down the Path to Chronic Diseasedom

Though I must sheepishly admit my main motivation for losing weight on Medifast was to stay out of the plus-sized shops, hovering in the background were lab results that harkened a future of chronic diseasedom.

My total cholesterol was on the wrong side of 200. My fasting glucose was in the pre-diabetic range. I deluded myself into thinking that eating more walnuts and blueberries would solve everything.

It wasn't until I could not fit into a dress for a job interview that I acknowledged to myself I was at an undesirable weight.
It feels great to finally wear
fitted clothes again!

Last fall I began the Medifast 5&1 Plan, and in less than four months I lost 35 pounds

End of story? Not quite.

Last month I decided to get my labs done again and I was thrilled with the results. My total cholesterol is down; the odds of my having a heart event or stroke in the next year are 1%. And my glucose levels are no longer in the scary pre-diabetic range. Best of all, my doctor told me not to lose any more weight.

Now that's doctor's advice I can follow!

Even though my motivation for losing weight may have been skewed at the outset, my vastly improved lab numbers gave me even more pleasure than being able to wear a fitted dress last month at my daughter's wedding. 

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