Saturday, June 14, 2014

Funny Excuses for Not Losing Weight

Whether it's to avoid diabetes, fit comfortably into an airline seat, or just look better in tight jeans, millions of people would like to weigh less.

But they can't because.... (and here is where the litany of excuses begin).

I know, because I used to make them myself.

Before starting Medifast last fall, I was convinced my 35 extra pounds were permanent and there was nothing I could do to change that "fact." Worse, my fat cells were having babies and I would probably wind up over 200 pounds.

Until one day when I couldn't find a dress that fit me for an upcoming job interview.

Instead of rationalizing my expanding middle, I finally decided to make a plan and ended up losing 35 pounds in less than four months through the Medifast Take Shape for Life Program.

I thought about my former lame excuses the other day when I saw a cartoon that reminded me of myself in my denial phase.

Absurd, right? But no more delusional than all the other things I told myself, like it was impossible to lose weight after 50 or I was genetically programmed to be fat. Who was I to challenge Mother Nature?

Or, as some dude named Jeffrey Fry said, "It is easier to make excuses about our circumstances than actually do anything about them.”

Still in denial mode? Here are some more funny excuses for not losing weight:

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