Thursday, April 10, 2014

What is Stop-Challenge-Choose? Or How I Ditched My Inner Diva

"Stop what you're doing, challenge yourself, choose optimal health."

Those powerful words from Medifast's Dr. Wayne Andersencan mean the difference between losing weight and keeping our weight off long term.

The medical director and co-founder of Medifast's Take Shape for Life program theorized that most people view diets as a means to an end.

there is no end.

Reaching one's ideal weight is just the beginning of an arguably bigger challenge -- maintaining it.

It's exciting to see the scale move south every week; less so, when it stays at the same number -- even if it's a good number! So it takes a new kind of thought process to continue eating sensibly when the weight loss phase is over.

Dr. A hypothesized that unless people replace their old thought habits with new ones they will think themselves back into eating too much of the wrong foods. He called one of these new thought habits Stop -- Challenge -- Choose.

Here are the three steps as described in the Medifast Take Shape for Life blog:
  1. "STOP: Take a deep breath and think. Suspend action."
  2. "CHALLENGE: Ask, 'Why am I feeling like this? What outcome do I want from this?'"
  3. "CHOOSE: Make a healthy choice for an optimal outcome and awareness of alternative behavior."
Here's a scenario in which I have used the Stop -- Challenge -- Choose method to make a better choice.

I am at a party and there are many tempting foods on the table. My inner spoiled brat -- we'll call her Brittany -- says, "Nancy, it's a special occasion. Indulge." Before reflexively snatching a buttery brie pastry oozing with cheese, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Then I ask myself, "Will it be worth it to eat this and not be able to button my jeans tomorrow?"

I eye the table some more and notice some veggies and hummus sitting modestly on a nearby plate. "I like those, too," I remind myself. "And the veggies and chickpea dip will not interfere with my optimal outcome -- maintaining a healthy weight."

Having been a hypnotherapist in a former life, I understand the powerful suggestions our subconscious parts can make. Unless we consciously halt before taking a potentially regrettable action, our impulsive  inner diva will make our choices for us.

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