Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Is Weight Loss Contagious?

Since losing 35 pounds on Medifast, I have noticed many people around me melting like cheap candles. It made me wonder how much influence one's peers have on the decision to lose weight.

I lost the equivalent of
seven bags of sugar
on Medifast
People at work were used to seeing me pleasantly plump and were surprised to see me suddenly wearing fitted clothes with no tummy bulges or back fat popping out. My sister, who had been making excuses for her middle-age weight gain, decided to consult her holistic nutritionist. One of my best friends, meanwhile, was determined to wear tight fitting tee shirts and jeans by summer and stop taking acid reflux medication. When she saw I had successfully lost the equivalent of seven bags of sugar, she realized she could shed pounds, too.

Though not everyone chose Medifast as their mode of weight loss, they are all eating healthier and moving more. And my example may have played a part in this.

The first step in losing weight is believing that you can. For five years I was convinced my pads of fat were not only permanently affixed to my body, they had fat-drawing magnets that doomed me to forever shop in the plus-sized department.

It wasn't until I saw the scale move south each week that I really believed I could return to my healthy adult size. My magical experience with Medifast convinced me it was possible. And the reason I tried Medifast was because I saw that it had successfully worked for other people in my life who had also felt hopeless about losing weight.

Turns out peer pressure is not just for teens. Every time one of us loses weight, we subliminally persuade the people around us they can do it, too.

You can purchase Medifast replacement meals directly from Medifast Centers, the Medifast website or -- for no extra cost -- through the co-branded website of a Medifast TSFL health coach. Medifast does not recommend purchasing its products from third party vendors, but if you choose to do so, you can find them on both Amazon and eBay.

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