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Diet Domino Effect – How Losing Weight Is Like Remodeling Your House

When my husband and I replaced our tile counter with granite seven years ago, the spark ignited a bonfire of transformation. The oven and microwave combo suddenly looked tired; so we replaced it with stainless steel. Of course, now the refrigerator didn’t match the other appliances. You can probably guess what happened there. Then the boxed tube lights on the ceiling (which I fondly referred to as fly hovels) seemed terribly dated; so we switched them out with can lights. (It helps that my husband is a handyman.)

The point is, when we make one change in our lives, we set in motion a series of other changes. And if that first change is positive, the others are likely to be, too.
Diet domino effect: how one
positive change leads to others.

So how does that relate to dieting?

New wardrobe

When I lost 35 pounds in less than four months on Medifast this past year, the first thing to change was my wardrobe. In a reverse Chutes and Ladders game, I slid down the chute to smaller clothing sizes and was forced to shop for new clothes (don’t cry for me, Argentina) -- mostly at local consignment shops. Instead of keeping my larger clothes, I gave them away so I would have nothing to wear if my clothes didn’t fit.

New hairdo

At work one day a couple of colleagues told me my face looked longer since I had lost weight. I looked in the mirror and had to agree. My previous fat-padded face looked fine with longer hair, but now the length was accentuating my oval-shaped face, reminding me of the horse in the bar joke (Bartender to horse: “Why the long face?”). Since I was due for a highlight any way, I asked my hairstylist to chop off a few inches, and she fashioned my hair into an asymmetrical bob that drew more compliments than any haircut I have received in my entire life.

New car

Which brings me to the new car I bought last week. Well, it’s not actually new – it’s a 2010 Maxima. But it’s the nicest car I have ever owned, and I feel like a million bucks when I drive it. I had five days to make up my mind and was debating whether I wanted to make the car payments on it. That is, until yesterday, when another friend at work said I should keep it because it reminded her of me. “You mean big and purple?” I joked (it’s actually maroon). “No, sleek and classy,” she said.

I realized then that I had bought the car because I was seeing myself differently – yet another change resulting from the diet domino effect.

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