Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Europeans Are So Slim and Other Weight Loss Secrets I Learned at Yosemite

I just came back from a few days communing with nature at Yosemite and met almost as many Europeans as I did the last time I holidayed on the continent (okay, so I've only crossed the Atlantic twice... but it sounded cool).

Yosemite is a great place to go if you want to meet non-Americans because almost every European puts this national gem on their itinerary as a must-see. The Europeans we met -- a Dutch triad, an Italian duo with their little girl, and a 40-something Lithuanian couple -- were all as slim as Slinkys.

Though all three groups were from different countries, here's what I noticed they had in common:

They were relaxed. Despite being in a different country and having to deal with strange (to them) customs, the Europeans seemed as carefree as birds. Being stressed out produces a hormone called cortisol that can make you retain belly fat; so not sweating the small stuff can help you stay slim.

They split meals. This old dieter's trick was a no-brainer for the Europeans, whose typical portion sizes are smaller than American restaurant meals. Since to-go boxes are not practical on vacation, they simply shared one entree and ordered an extra salad.

They don't drink nearly as much soda. Whether it's diet or not, Pepsi is not your pal. When I asked the 42-year-old Lithuanian guy his secret for looking so young, he said he never drinks soda. Soda is more pricey in Europe, and the concept of free refills doesn't exist. The average European drinks far less of this fizzy beverage than Big Gulping Americans.

They walk more. Like soda, gas is also more spendy abroad; so Europeans typically walk to more places than Americans. At Yosemite, you can take a shuttle to different sites or walk to them. Guess who took the shuttles and who walked?

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