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Why Diets and Weekends Don't Mix (and What You Can Do About It)

Remember that old advertising jingle "Weekends are made for Michelob?"

Okay, it was aired in 1977; so unless you're over 50, you probably don't. Here's a link to one of the commercials to get you up to speed on this retro pop culture classic.

If you're too busy to watch, here are some key lines from the lyrics:

Weekends were made for having fun.

Yes, the best time of the week was made for you and Michelob.

Weekends were made for Michelob 

And the voice over at the end...

It's your weekend . . . something to look forward to -- like Michelob. If there ever was a beer as special as the weekend, it's Michelob.

The message is clear. Weekends are special. It's the best time of the week.

If you typically work Monday through Friday, weekends are like mini-vacations, a time to reward yourself for being so responsible all week.

From 6pm Friday to 6am Monday, our inner Puritan hibernates and our party girl comes out to play.

We deserve to have some fun.

It's the weekend.

To make things worse, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are also the most common days of the week for people to attend parties, watch football (excuse to eat nachos), go to the movies (hello? popcorn!) and dine at restaurants. Danger, Will Robinson. Diet saboteurs on the loose ready to detonate all will power.

One solution, of course, is to quit your job and find a weekend gig. But on second thought, that won't work because then you'd have Monday through Friday to overindulge.

This vintage advertisement has nothing
to do with the topic of this blog post,
but I thought it was funny
The real solution is to reward yourselves with OTF (other than food). And the best way to motivate yourself to do this is to go shopping. I'm not saying you should substitute your food addiction for shopaholicism, but just the act of trying on clothes is a great reminder that you are trying to lose weight or maintain the body weight you worked so hard to achieve. You don't have to buy anything. Leave your credit cards at home for all I care.

Then plan other activities that are not food related. Or, if they are, be prepared. Plan in advance what you're going to eat. If you go to the movies, bring your own popcorn in the right portion size. Feast on veggies and hummus while watching football. Decide what you want to eat before heading to a restaurant (most menus are online these days). Avoid drinking (or drinking too much) at parties because it will cause you to do things you'll regret (food- and otherwise). And, if you smoke pot, munchies are not your friend.

Of course, it's okay to splurge now and again (though not necessarily if you're in weight loss mode). But those exceptions should be planned and not the result of a rubber spine.

Sure, weekends are special. But there are 52 of them each year. That's 52 chances to keep your body healthy or say the heck with it. If you stay focused on what is most important to you, chances are good you will make good choices.

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