Friday, August 8, 2014

Not Worth the Calories #NWTC

Now that I have reached my idea weight following the Medifast Take Shape for Life program, I am once again swimming in the shark infested waters of food temptations. When I was on Medifast, I knew that if I went over my carb limit I could get kicked out of ketosis, which was a powerful motivation to stay On Plan. But since my body is no longer in a ketogenic state, I no longer have that compelling deterrent.

Instead, I have gone back to my pre-Medifast trick of asking myself whenever I see a food offered to me, "Nancy, is it worth the calories?"

Are these cupcakes WTC?
And most of the time, the answer is "no."

But not always.

For instance, at one of my department's standing monthly meetings, gorgeous boxes of gourmet cupcakes are passed around to celebrate whosever birthday is that month. When I was On Plan I was able to resist this amazing treat while I watched most of my other colleagues indulge. These days, I usually join them.

Though I would not intentionally drive to a gourmet cupcake shop and buy one, I'm good with partaking in this once a month ritual and breaking cupcakes with my peers. These culinary works of art are amazingly delicious and totally worth the calories.

On the other hand, a colleague offered me a Keebler cookie the other day, and I politely declined because -- for me -- processed cookies are Not Worth the Calories (NWTC).

Growing up, my daughters knew the acronym NWTC because I would say it aloud when I resisted a food. Just saying it affirmed my resolve to be deliberate in what I ate and not just feast on whatever was placed in front of me.

Having tricks up my sleeve like saying "NWTC" aloud and bringing my own healthier snacks to work so I won't be tempted to raid the vending machine have helped me maintain my ideal weight.

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