Thursday, August 21, 2014

How Your Inner Frank Underwood Could Be Foiling Your Diet

If you're feeling fat or out of shape, blame Frank Underwood. We all have a smidge of that "House of Cards" anti-hero inside our minds who manipulates us to do things we know are bad for us.

Like eating that cupcake at a meeting, just because everyone else does.

"The lone wolf is eaten by the bear," Frank cautions.

Or changing our minds at the last minute by ordering a cheeseburger instead of a salad.

"Cheaters always prosper," Frank says.

Or convincing ourselves that diets don't work.

"Live by your own rules," Frank declares.

Though the fictional Frank Underwood has succeeded in rising from a relatively lowly congressman to President of the United States, we all suspect his evil behavior will come back to bite him. So why would we want him dictating our behavior?

Sure, Frank hasn't met anyone in his world yet who can rival him when it comes to persuasion and manipulation, but we're not limited to the cast of "The House of Cards" for inspiration. We have a chorus of voices -- from "Live Your Best Life" Oprah to "If you can dream it, you can do it" Walt Disney -- who can steer us in the right direction.

A member on one of my Medifast Facebook groups recently complained about getting the business at a family reunion for not feasting on all the fattening foods at the buffet table. He got plenty of support from other members of our group who told him his relatives were feeling guilty for not eating better themselves. It threatened them that he was taking control over his fork because he proved it could be done.

So whether the Frank Underwood who is defeating you is an inner voice or your 350-pound Uncle Ralph stuffing his mouth with potato salad, ask yourself, "Is he the role model I want to follow?"

If not, create your own character -- a wise owl, a loving aunt, a movie or TV hero who has overcome titanic hurdles. Let let their voice talk loudest and drown out those who would defeat you.

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