Wednesday, November 19, 2014

'That Sugar Film' Shows What Happens When You Eat 'Healthy'

Damon Gameau: "That Sugar Film"
It's funny what passes for healthy these days. Most low- and non-fat yogurts are loaded with sugar, yet people consume them because "yogurt is healthy."

Meanwhile, American school kids are corralled into drinking non-fat chocolate milk loaded with sugar because the government claims that is "healthy," too.

But a new film by Australian TV actor and filmmaker Damon Gameau exposes the dirty little secret of the low-fat craze: many, if not most, low-fat packaged foods contain tons of sugar.

Gameau deliberately ate a diet of allegedly "healthy" foods for 60 days and saw his health decline almost immediately.

"Within three weeks, the previously healthy Damon was feeling terrible all the time, lethargic and snapping at the slightest thing," reported Australian news website "A visit to the doctor confirmed the worst — he had the beginnings of fatty liver disease."

One of Gameau's "healthy" breakfasts consisted of low-fat yogurt, cereal and apple juice, which contained a combined total of 20 teaspoons of sugar. Since many health experts recommend not consuming more than nine teaspoons of sugar in a whole day, it's not surprising that the former chef quickly experienced the effects of sugar overload, including 3.9 inches of new visceral fat around his waistline.
Many low-fat yogurts are loaded with sugar

Interestingly, Gameau ate the same number of calories each day as he had before he started his new "healthy" diet, giving lie to the old axiom "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie."

"That Sugar Film" will premiere in Australia, but I wouldn't be surprised if this anti-sugar film ends up being a hit in the United States. We are in a health-food civil war these days in which warring sides declare their way of eating is healthiest. Hopefully, one thing we can all agree on is that too much sugar is bad for us -- no matter what the label on the package claims.

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