Friday, November 14, 2014

Craving Pizza on a Low Carb Diet? Meet Meatza

Mamma mia... it's pizza minus refined carbs

Meatza... it's what's for dinner!
(from Balanced Wellness blog)
Most low carbers are hip to making pizza with a cauliflower crust, but I haven't braved that frontier yet. For some reason I have this feeling the crust will be soggy though everyone and their Aunt Susie swears otherwise.

But the other day I was really craving pizza toppings -- cheesy, gooey, mushroomy, saucy goodness. So I made my first ever meatza.

Whatsa meatza you ask? It's a pizza made with a meat crust. If you're a vegetarian, click off now since this isn't going to be pretty.

Basically you take ground beef (grass fed is best) and mix it with an egg, grated cheese, garlic and Italian spices. You bake it in a pan, drain the fat, and then add more cheese, sauce and whatever pizza toppings you like -- then broil until the cheese is melty and turning slightly brown.

Here's the meatza recipe I used from the crazy good blog Heather Eats Almond Butter. I found another meatza recipe that includes almond meal but I doubt that's necessary.

Mmmmeatzah leftovers
(My "dinner" last night at work)
I served the meatza to the husband cut in squares over sauteed spinach. He proclaimed it to be delicious but had no idea what he was eating. When pressed, he guessed Chicken Parmesan.

Which is funny because what happens to ground beef when you mix it with an egg and cheese is it turns into chicken.


No, just kidding.

But Olive Garden might want to try this hack since they're trying to save money by passing off hot dog buns as breadsticks and not salting their pasta cooking water.
This meat based pizza recipe from
the Fit and Furious blog
does not call for an egg

Seriously, meatza is a really good pizza alternative for low carbers and makes excellent leftovers. As a former Medifast 5&1er, I still tend to eat leanish & greenish.  Most days I pack my own dunch (lunch consumed at dinner time) since I work until 10 p.m.. Yesterday I brought some left over meatza squares to work and heated them with half a bag of defrosted frozen collard greens for an almost restaurant worthy meal.

So the next time the gang is clamoring for pizza, make a meatza.

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