Monday, November 3, 2014

Review: Medifast Gingerbread Soft Bake Video Shows Versatility of Medifast Replacement Meals

My Facebook friend Andrea -- a Medifast Take Shape for Life health coach who goes by the name Andrea MetallicaMom on You Tube -- just posted one of her best video blogs ever in which she demonstrated eight ways to prepare the new Medifast Gingerbread Soft Bake.

Andrea is from Queens and reminds me of a younger version of the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond. But when she's making Medifast meals, she's more Martha Stewart than Marie Barone. Her creativity in turning Gingerbread Softb Bakes into everything from doughnuts to pudding to coffee drinks shows how versatile Medifast replacement meals can be.

Who knew you could turn a packet of Gingerbread Soft Bake into something hot, cold, smooth, chewy or crunchy? Everyone who follows Andrea's video blogs knows because she has never met a Medifast meal she couldn't turn into something else. She may have been largely responsible for the marketing success of Babycakes Mini Donut Makers after her potato knish video earlier this year.

In her new Medifast Gingerbread Soft Bake video, Andrea demonstrates how to prepare a Medifast Gingerbread Soft Bake according to package directions as well as Gingerbread Cappuccino Latte, Gingerbread Cappuccino Vanilla Pudding, Gingerbread Spiced Pancake Donuts, Gingerbread Oatmeal Muffins, Gingerbread Pancakes, Gingerbread Brownie Muffins and a Gingerbread Coffee Shake.

Because many of these meals use more than one replacement meal packet, Andrea shows how they can be divided and stored for future consumption.

What I love most about Andrea's videos -- besides her sense of humor and random cat cameos -- is she shows exactly how to prepare the various concoctions she creates, including a special whisking motion she uses to make her coffee drinks frothy. She also talks about the rising qualities of the foods, how much liquid to add and other cooking sciency things that can be extrapolated to other Medifast replacement meal creations.

Andrea may not be everyone's cup of tea because of her occasional use of four letter words and slut shaming of Pam (the cooking spray). If you're easily offended, just mute the video and watch this Metallica Mom perform her magic with Medifast meals.

Find more of Andrea's videos on her You Tube channel.

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