Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Making Peace with the C-Word

So I know what you're thinking, but it's not that C word. It's carbs. And her four mischievous children: chips, cookies, cake and candy. Not to mention their evil cousins pasta and bread.

Seriously, carbs are not the devil, but they don't wear Prada either. We need carbohydrates to survive. Some carbohydrates are better than others, like the ones in vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and whole grains; but every family has its black sheep; and in the case of carbs it's white flour and sugar (in its many disguises).

The other day at work I was offered some kind of sugary floury confection whipped up from a Pinterest recipe, and I said, "No thanks, I'm allergic to carbs. I break out in fat." I was kidding, but really not.

Doughnut worshiper
Because I have found that avoiding empty carbs, for the most part, is an effective strategy for maintaining my ideal weight since losing 35 pounds on Medifast.

That said, I went to the Spaghetti Factory last night to celebrate my son-in-law's birthday and had a small side of pasta, one slice of bread and a scoop of spumoni with my baked chicken and salad. And I enjoyed every bite and creamy spoonful.

So if I'm up an ounce or two on the scale today, it's no big deal; because eating empty carbs is now the exception, not the rule, for me. They have become the "eat sparingly" triangle in my personal food pyramid, whose base is protein, veggies, fruit and fat.

When I consume empty-carb foods now it is with relish, not regret, because I deliberately choose to eat them  Denying them altogether gives them too much power over me. If I find certain foods are binge triggers -- yeah, I'm talking to you, Doritios -- I do avoid them, but I can eat most empty-carb foods in small amounts and not crave more.
What's up with the sinister face, Jack?

We live in a carb worshipping culture whose every celebration and daily ritual involves some kind of empty carb, whether it's bagels, birthday cake or popcorn at the movies. Before long, we'll all be celebrating the Candy Holiday, a.k.a. Halloween. (How many people do you know who buy their Halloween candy in early October and have to replenish their stock before the 31st rolls around? Oh, your husband does that too?)

The bottom line is not all carbs are bad, and not all bad carbs have to be avoided completely. I had to identify my triggers and allow myself to indulge in those occasional treats which I could eat without losing control.

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