Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Tricks for Not Treating Yourself with Halloween Candy

It's baaaack. The Candy Holiday Halloween is only four days away and already it's haunting dieters like a bone chilling horror movie.

Let's get real, though. Halloween is just the pre-game show for the holiday double header to come; so if you can't resist a few fun-sized candy bars you're in big trouble.

When I was on the Medifast 5&1 Plan last fall I had no trouble resisting the packaged treats.

Here were a few of my best hacks:

1. I worked on Halloween night. Okay, not everyone can make this happen, but since I work until 10 p.m. I was able to avoid the whole Halloween beg-fest and left my husband on candy duty. Most of it was gone by the time I came home. (If you're not working Friday night, you can always go to the movies or find something else to do that does not involve chocolate or candy corn.)

2. I disassociated myself from candy. This is a mind-over-matter thing, but I told myself that the candy was not for me, just as the dog food and cat food are not for me. In this case, the candy was kid and husband food.

3. I indulged in other sweet treats. Since I was on the Medifast Take Shape for Life program, I had access to bars and brownies that satisfied my sweet tooth, which made regular candy much less tempting for me.

4. I bought candy that didn't tempt me. Unless you are that odd duck who enjoys every possible type of candy, select varieties that do not appeal to you. In my case it's all those sour, tart, gummy things, which most kids seem to go crazy over.

5. I didn't buy candy until the day before Halloween. The reason the stores start selling Halloween candy right after school starts is they know people will stock up in advance and subconsciously purposely exhaust their stash before Halloween. I've never seen stores run out of Halloween candy; so there is no reason to buy it ahead of time unless you plan to consume it yourself.

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