Sunday, October 19, 2014

Foods That Make You Feel Full

One of the main reasons people ditch their diets is they feel hungry all the time. Deprivation fuels obsession, which leads to overeating and binging on "bad" foods.

The key to sustained weight loss is to reduce calorie intake while still feeling satisfied. Which means you have to know which foods are most likely to make you feel full.

Eating egg whites alone
is just wrong
Take eggs, for instance. Once vilified as heart-murdering monsters, eggs are resuming their rightful status as a health food. No, not the misguided egg white omelets that miss the whole point of eating eggs. Real whole eggs -- hard-boiled, scrambled, over easy or frittata-ed. Studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast lose more weight than those who eat bagels, and the reason is pretty obvious. Eggs are loaded with protein and fat, both of which make you feel fuller than those containing floury or sugary carbs. They're also packed with nutrients, such as iron; zinc and vitamins A,E, D and K, almost all of which are found in the yolk.

Another good reason to eat salmon
Salmon is another nutritional superstar that will help you feel satisfied. Like eggs, salmon contains a good amount of protein and fat; and its Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation. For a true supermeal, eat your salmon with a salad containing leafy greens like kale, spinach or swiss chard -- all of which are full of fiber. The trifecta of protein, fat and fiber will make you forget food even exists.

Another satiety trick is to add water to your food, which doesn't mean boiling your steak or diluting your yogurt with H2O. We're talking soup here. Just about any protein and vegetable combination can be turned into a sippy meal -- from steak and kale to chicken and broccoli. You can also add some higher fat food like milk or cheese to make you feel fuller even longer. A side benefit of soup is it takes you longer to consume; so your body will let you know you've had enough calories before you go overboard.

If you do get hungry between meals, choose snack foods that have protein and fat, which does not include Pringles or pie. Some good options here are nuts, yogurt, cheese and hummus. The combination of protein and fat will fill you up and help you avoid an emergency visit to the vending machine. You can add some fruit to your protein -- apples with almond butter, Greek yogurt with peach slices; but avoid eating fruit by itself because it could spike your blood sugar.

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