Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Medifast Meals Make 5&1 Plan Even Easier

Move over Lean Cuisine. Medifast announced last week it is launching a new line of prepared Lean & Green meals that could conquer the biggest obstacle to complying with the popular diet plan.

Taking the guess work -- and work! -- out of preparing the "1" meal in the 5&1 plan, Medifast announced each heat-and-eat meal has "the perfect portions of lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fat."

The first three entrees in the Medifast Flavors of Home line will be Turkey Meatball Marinara, Chicken with Rice & Vegetables, and Chicken Cacciatore. Since I haven't tasted these meals yet, the jury is still out on whether they will be a hit or miss. But the concept itself is genius.

With these ready-to-eat entrees, Medifast is getting even
further away from its shake-y past.
These FoH meals are the perfect solution for those busy days when I cannot prepare my own Lean & Green meal. My typical work day starts at 1 o'clock in the afternoon; so when I was on the weight loss phase of the plan I had to either bring a salad or prepared meal from home for dinner -- or find a takeout meal that approximated the correct ratio of proteins, veggies and fats.

Occasionally, I'd even resort to a frozen diet meal with extra veggies mixed in, but the downside was most microwaveable diet entrees are loaded with sodium. In contrast, the new Medifast meals are touted as being low-salt.

Beginning March 25, Medifast will offer its new Flavors of Home line at $29.70 for a box of six, which works out to $4.95 per meal. That's competitive with most take-out options and will be perfectly compliant with the plan.

For people like me who have reached their ideal goal weight, the shelf-stable meals will be a life-saver for those busy days when I want to eat low-calorie and still get my veggies and protein in. If these meals taste half as good as they look on the box, I plan to keep a stash in my drawer at work.

The three new Flavor of Home meals join two types of mashed potatoes to complete Medifast's mysterious 2014 product launch.

You can purchase Medifast replacement meals directly from Medifast Centers, the Medifast website or -- for no extra cost -- through the co-branded website of a Medifast TSFL health coach. Medifast does not recommend purchasing its products from third party vendors, but if you choose to do so, you can find them on both Amazon and eBay.

Medifast replacement meals on Amazon

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