Saturday, March 8, 2014

Could Too Much Kale Be Bad For You?

If the produce aisle of the grocery store were a beauty pageant, kale would be the reigning queen.

So why has this vegetable darling recently sprouted devil's horns?

Turns out too much of a good thing is ... well, a bad thing.

The star of such popular dishes as smoothies, chips and salads can adversely affect your health if you eat too much of it.

Even Dr. Oz seemed dismayed when a guest on his show explained that too much kale could not only cause hypothyroidism and kidney stones, but could also be risky for people taking antibiotics or blood thinners.

Not ready to give up his kale altogether, Oz suggested some easy fixes for his fellow kale fanatics.

To avoid hypothyroidism, he suggested cooking kale instead of eating it raw -- or eating it with seaweed, which has a lot of iodine in it.

As for kidney stones, the best way to avoid them is to alternate kale with other greens, like spinach, lettuce and arugula.

Finally, people on anticoagulants already know that foods high in Vitamin K can make their medication less effective so they should either avoid kale or eat it sparingly. Ditto for people on antibiotics.

The moral of the story is to follow the advice of that ancient Greek media figure Aristotle, "All things in moderation," by not eating too much of any one food.

Even kale.

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