Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why Nice Girls Wear Plus Sizes

The Link Between People Pleasing and Weight Loss

A woman in one of my Medifast Facebook groups was having trouble saying "no" to friends and family who pushed off-plan food on her because they "thought" she was losing too much weight.

I asked her why she didn't politely say "no" and she replied, "I'm too nice."

But is she?

I Googled the word nice and found out it means "pleasant and agreeable." So are nice people really just people pleasers who find it uncomfortable to swim in a different direction than the other fish?

Without going into the curious motivations of why some people try to sabotage other people's diets, it is important to understand why people pleasers allow them to get away with it. Deep down, they may not trust their own judgement or think they should put others' needs ahead of their own. Maybe people won't like them if they disagree.

Growing the backbone to stand up for themselves may be the first battle they need to fight.

Most of my friends and family no longer offer me food they know I do not routinely eat because they realize I mean business about my way of eating. But in situations where people who don't know me that well offer me a slice of cake or piece of candy, they sometimes don't take "no" for an answer right away. They'll ask, "Are you sure?" as if I hadn't heard them correctly or had a momentary lapse of sanity.

I just smile and say, "I'm good," but it's not because I am a good person or in any way better than they are. It's because I feel good about the choices I make, whether it's to eat a carrot or cupcake.

Before I could lose physical weight, I first had to lose the weight of other people's opinions.

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