Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: Glenny's Brownies

Glenny's Brownies are the perfect snack for low carbers and portion controllers

One of the reasons Medifast worked so well for me is that I could still eat sweet tasting foods and lose weight. My favorite Medifast replacement meal was the brownie soft bake which tasted too good to be a "diet" food.

Since losing my weight, I have continued to enjoy sweet treats that fit in with my low carb way of eating, such as GNC Advanced Lean Protein and Quest bars.

Recently one of my Medifast Facebook friends turned me on to a 100-calorie brownie from Glenny's. She loves them so much she has them on Amazon autoship; so I knew I had to try them.

Coincidentally, this friend turned out to live less than a mile away from my house, and she kindly offered to drop off a sample.

It was love at first bite.

Just from reading the ingredients list, Glenny's brownies seem more like something you would make in your kitchen than a chemistry lab.

So far I have tried only the peanut butter brownies (there are also chocolate chip and blondie flavors), which I ordered immediately from Amazon after tasting one. They are less expensive than the Medifast brownie soft bakes and do not have to be mixed with water.

Another plus is that Glenny's brownies do not contain any fructose and have more fiber than the Medifast brownies -- although the Medifast brownies have more protein.

I like to microwave my Glenny's brownies from 7-12 seconds and top them with a smidge of almond butter. The extra fat increases the satiety factor so I can eat one of these babies for breakfast and not think about food for several hours.

I can totally see keeping a Glenny's brownie in my purse for those times when I crave a little something sweet or am tempted by some cupcakes or cookies at work.

Thank you, Dawn, for turning me on to this delightful treat!

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