Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dr. Mark Hyman: Eat the Butter, Not the Bagel

Thank you Mark Hyman!

The functional medicine doctor and New York Times best selling author of Eat Fat, Get Thin has a HuffPo video clip going viral that could help dispel the saturated-fat-is bad-for-you myth spread by dietitians and margarine companies.

If you're one of those people still spraying butter flavored vegetable oil on your food and cookware, STOP IT ALREADY.

Hyman says in the absence of sugar and refined carbs -- and presence of enough Omega 3s -- saturated fat was not linked to heart disease in 72 different studies involving 19 countries and 600,000 people.

(No pre-diabetic Australian mice were involved in these studies as far as we know.)

"Think of butter and a bagel," says Hyman. "That's a problem, because it starts to create inflammation and insulin resistance in the body.
"If I had to choose between butter and a bagel, I'd choose the butter."

See Hyman's video here with a bonus segment on why high LDL cholesterol is not a problem if it's the large, fluffy kind.

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